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Libertarianism Livejournal

"Once an incredibly active community, it's become n..."



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A Livejournal community for those interested in discussing Libertarianism.

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This is a subjury for discussing things related to the ideology of Libertarianism. Generally this is more focused on Libertarianism within the United States which tends to be more fiscally conservativ...

img Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin posted a review

It used to be a few days and you'd need to go back to the prior 25 journals to see a few days ago. At this point, the Libertarian Livejournal first page goes back two years and it's really just been inactive. I was a very active poster and commenter from 2003-08 but there's nothing to post on anymore!

I've made a few friends on LJ from there... Doommonkey, rachelmills, singer, and sun_stealer. They are all pretty cool though I knew Doommonkey better than the others because she commented on my personal Livejournal a lot. I miss her, she rocked.

But enough about my LJ friends, this is about the community. It helped me hone my debating skills in college because I was debating with people who held political viewpoints that were not the standard... they tended to favor less government (or no government) in nearly every situation.

There were a few European Left-Libertarians that seemed nearly socialist by US standards but I suppose in their countries they were not. It was interesting to see debates between US Libertarians and EU Libertarians (left-libertarians). I usually sided with the US posters but I still would call myself a Left-Libertarian... that is I value personal freedom a bit more than economic freedom but I want more freedom in both regards compared to the major parties.

I posted this Panjury link on the Libertarian Livejournal Community and sadly it was the first post in four months. I hope more of them post here.

on October 28, 2015
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Libertarianism Livejournal

Once an incredibly active community, it's become nearly dead.
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