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"A good philosophy that drives a lot of libertarian..."



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Objectivism is a philosophical system developed by Russian-American writer Ayn Rand (1905–1982). First expressed in Rand's novels, most notably The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957), and essays, it was later given more formal structure by her designated intellectual heir, philosopher Leonard Peikoff, who characterizes it as a "closed system" that is not subject to change.

Objectivism's central tenets are that reality exists independently of consciousness, that human beings have direct contact with reality through sense perception, that one can attain objective knowledge from perception through the process of concept formation and inductive logic, that the proper moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of one's own happiness (rational self-interest), that the only social system consistent with this morality is one that displays full respect for individual rights embodied in laissez-faire capitalism, and that the role of art in human life is to transform humans' metaphysical ideas by selective reproduction of reality into a physical form—a work of art—that one can comprehend and to which one can respond emotionally.

Academic philosophers have mostly ignored or rejected Rand's philosophy.Nonetheless, Objectivism has been a significant influence among libertarians and American conservatives. The Objectivist movement, which Rand founded, attempts to spread her ideas to the public and in academic settings.

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This is a subjury for discussing things related to the ideology of Libertarianism. Generally this is more focused on Libertarianism within the United States which tends to be more fiscally conservativ...

img Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin posted a review

Objectivism is much simpler than a lot of other philosophies. One of its key contributions to philosophy is suggesting that "self-interest" rather than "altruism" is a virtue in and of itself. This is not the first time that such an idea has been espoused, with Adam Smith's "invisible hand" suggesting that people acting in their own self-interest will benefit society more than those directly trying to help others.

But this is the first time there is a philosophy with a central tenet of self-interest. Thus this makes it an attractive philosophy to many people, especially teenagers and young adults. Even though I am now 30 I do appreciate a lot that Objectivism has to offer. 

Some may find that the objectivist philosophy relies too much on "Reason" and looks down on religion and other superstitions, but I appreciate that aspect of the philosophy. My rating for Objectivism would be higher except for the fact that I feel after Ayn Rand's death the other people writing articles for Objectivism often went off in their own direction which detracted from the philosophy at some level.

It was their opinion of what Ayn Rand would have said or wanted. Of course, some of these people have met Ayn Rand in person and knew her well. And I was born after her death, so perhaps they know more about Rand than I ever could through reading her novels.

The basic objectivist guidelines are as follows: "

Not taking what he/she does not deserve
Developing a sense of self sustainability
Respecting the rights of other human beings"

Taken from (

I think those are all good parts of a philosophy, though as you go further down that page you might find something you disagree with.

Overall I agree with most of Objectivism but I don't know if I'd officially declare myself an "Objectivist" because there are some aspects I am not as supportive of, like the idea that the philosophy refuses to change based on what its current intellectual leader has declared.

But if you are looking for a secular philosophy that isn't as altrusitic as "secular humanism" or humanism in general, you will find yourself at home with this.

on October 27, 2015
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A good philosophy that drives a lot of libertarian thinking even if its creator was not too supportive of Libertarians
Book rating: 74 out of 100 with 1 ratings