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By Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin on October 28, 2015

I want Kristen Bell. I want Anonymous Losers to stop stalking me. I'll settle for Kristen Bell, the stalkers never stop anyway!

Many of the articles from Reason are thought-provoking and will help people understand Libertarianism. Reason is a very good site overall with some excellent research and intelligent comments but on occasion they will post some junk articles that seem to fit more on a clickbait site or Some of the writers have a poor reputation with the commenters as well, particularly if they seem to favor the Democrats or the Republicans too heavily.

I've enjoyed posted on Reason sometimes but mostly I am just an observer reading the various articles. I usually get the articles through Reason on Facebook but also a few of my friends share them (and I do sometimes as well). They could score even higher if they focused their site more on the intellectual and dropped the occasional clickbait articles.

They are also much better than other Libertarian websites out there. They do not endorse one specific candidate too much and tend to be pretty smart overall. It would be nice if I could write for them but no luck so far. 

If you want a website with a Libertarian leaning that isn't too pedantic and doesn't have veiled racism, Reason is an excellent choice. 


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